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Godskitchen 2004 (long post)

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  • Chilvers, Simon
    Everyone, Got there at around 6pm things didn t really kick off proper till about 9pm when the stantons warriors came on in the Air Arena. Stantons followed by
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004

      Got there at around 6pm things didn't really kick off proper till about 9pm
      when the stantons warriors came on in the Air Arena.

      Stantons followed by the Plumps were awesome..... both sets were full of
      energy only to be let down by Keith Flints band "Clever Brains Fryin'".
      Being a huge prodigy fan (I think the new album is awesome) I tried to stick
      with it for as long as I could... but just couldn't get into their sound at
      all. Eventually I gave up and was teased away by the thought of Sasha and
      Diggers 4 hour set in the Bedrock arena!

      Unkle Sounds played a very safe, uninventive and hense boring set... they
      played things like the F.E.A.R, Crooked, smells like freeland, Reign (twice)
      and layo & bush's Let The Good Times Roll! all good tunes but the majority
      of them I was dancing to 2 years ago?

      Missed out on Ali B due to some more Sasha & Diggers and the start of James
      Zabiela but caught the end of his set and it didn't sound that bad!

      Freeland next was wicked.... the guys on the stage of him were awesome,
      doing loads of body popping and break dancing. Made a crack at Mike that
      Hybrid were missing out and he should get Chris down the front doing
      something similar!! Freelands set finished on one of my favourate tracks at
      the moment Infusion's - "Better World"

      Hybrid came on after Adam at 4am... The crowd almost doubled in size from
      the Freeland set which meant that there were loads of hybrid fans at the
      event, (Put your hands up if you were one of them?)

      They played a very experimental set by the sounds of it... lots of very
      hybridish stuff, first time I'd heard the Orb remix ina club environment!
      (I've realised its now been months since I last saw them and have decided to
      make ammends and go see them on the 13th! [being mine and a few others
      birthday weekend!])

      They kept it very nice with loads of stuff I'd never heard of before...
      which was good because it was very obvious that the odd track you could just
      tell that Mike was standing back from the decks alot of the time gaging the
      crowds reaction!! And punching he air with a lit fag at all the right
      points! In past experiance always a good sign that new Hybrid material is
      being tested.

      The Last track was a killer.... a huge breaks monster... A massive guitar
      riff and sampled vocals (couldn't make out what they were saying though)...
      the track kept cresendo'ing and dropping back down again and again. I
      remembered it as being a cross between the guitar riffs of tracks like
      Breezer and Infusion's Legacy (JXL Rmx) and the balls to the block breaks
      and bass of tracks like Sasha's Fundamental.

      Mike seemed to really get into it and if it wasn't new Hybrid Material....
      I'll eat my hat! I didn't get the chance to ask him afterwards as we wanted
      to go to the Bedrock arena and catch Nick Warrens 6am set.... but
      unfortunately he had not turned up so we went home!

      Awesome night/morning! And still recovering as we had a 3.5 hour drive home
      afterwards that I managed to do single handedly (there and back) Got in at
      11am and crashed till 6pm!

      still recovering.... #)

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