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Re: [Hybrid] Kate Bush and Gospels

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  • Davin Greenwell
    That s very rare. Demand $40USD and someone s first-born. Davin
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 12, 2004
      That's very rare.

      Demand $40USD and someone's first-born.


      > I'm new to this list having come to Hybrid very late (am just
      > playing "Wide Angle" for the first time ever!)
      > Question: how rare is the pre-Wide Angle promo CD that I have? It
      > features five tracks and is unique due to a Kate Bush cover
      > ("Experiment IV") and another track called "Gospel" (that I can't
      > see on the normal album)?
      > Am I sitting on a goldmine cos I've scoured google and can't find
      > any trace of its existence..?
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