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Re: [Hybrid] Glasto??

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  • thefreester
    Hello Simon, Sorry you couldn t make it. I was there. Went to see Hybrid on the Thursday night. They were DJ ing in the Glade Cafe (the stage wasn t together
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      Hello Simon,

      Sorry you couldn't make it. I was there. Went to see Hybrid on the
      Thursday night. They were DJ'ing in the Glade Cafe (the stage wasn't
      together by then). It was RAMMED and TBH I wasn't sure it was them
      DJ'ing or not (couldn't see them). I assume it was 'coz a REM remix
      got played at one point. Missed WOW as I only got the email with the
      times of their appearances Friday AM (thanks Distinctive...) !

      Groove Armada were excellent although an early slot on the Main Stage
      was disappointing - would rather have seen them further up the bill
      on one of the other stages. Nevertheless got right down the front for
      them. Chemicals were AWESOME. The bass in the show was almost up
      there with indoors Leftfield gigs while they were still together.

      Had a nice chilled night watching Zero 7 Saturday night who were
      excellent. Sunday evening started off with Eat Static and finished
      off with Orbital. Very emotional...

      Still recovering 3 days later. My first muddy Glasto but it ain't as
      bad as it looks and would not worry about the weather before going


      Mark F

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      <simon.chilvers@a...> wrote:
      > As I was unable to get to it this year...... has anyone got a
      review of it
      > and what they got upto and the acts they saw!!
      > I was forced to watch the BBC coverage from the comfort of my bed
      due to
      > having major surgery a few weeks ago!! And I must say that the
      Orbital and
      > Chem's looked awesome
      > Si
    • thefreester
      ... secret ... earlier in ... Apparently Fat Boy and the Chemicals DJ d at Lost Vagueness instead that night... ... to ... Even ... new ... Now you mention it
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        > As for Nick Warren, he played for what was originally due to be a
        > gig by FatBoy in the Glade Friday night, but FatBoy cancelled
        earlier in
        > the day and Nick covered.

        Apparently Fat Boy and the Chemicals DJ'd at Lost Vagueness instead
        that night...

        > Orbital were great, but didn't seem to be much of a different show
        > the one they did in the same sunday night slot a few years back.
        > used the same backdrop as then! *but* was good to hear some of the
        > tunes live (you lot, and perfect sunrise) and also the 'new' bootleg
        > of Halcyon had The Darkness dropped in over the top which was very
        > funny even if it didn't work that well ;-)

        Now you mention it - it was the same backdrop as the Friday night set
        they did in 2002. Much better lights this year tho'

        -Mark F
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