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Re: [Hybrid] Roll on the Orchestra!

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  • jims16v
    Well I might be a bit of a newbie around these parts, but i m still a big fan and have listened to their music soooo much, I feel I can put an opinion in here
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 21, 2004
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      Well I might be a bit of a newbie around these parts, but i'm still a
      big fan and have listened to their music soooo much, I feel I can put
      an opinion in here too :)

      Well its a bit of a tough call isn't it. The thing that makes it so
      difficult with Hybrid is that none of their albums have been 'bad' or
      a dissapointment - they are all so good, so you can't really say that
      they took a certain direction for one album and failed, hence they
      should not try that style again! Their older stuff on Wider Angle
      still sounds very very good, the remixed tunes on Remix & Additional
      Production By are excellent (the remix of Never Gonna Come Back Down
      always sounds great) - and.. well.. whats to be said about Morning
      Sci-Fi that hasn't already!! Superb!! :)

      The only thing that swings it for me is that since Morning Sci-Fi
      came out, Wider Angle rarely crops up in my playlists any more, so
      perhaps I favour the newer stuff without really thinking about it.

      I personally wouldn't lose too much sleep if there wasn't
      another 'Blackout' style tune on the new album though.. I feel
      embarassed to admit it, but I usually stop the album just after Out
      Of The Dark has finished! It has potential, but doesn't really go
      anywhere.. :(



      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "benjabrams" <benjabrams@y...> wrote:
      > I totally agree (well almost) with Oddball. I think it would be a
      > major disappointment if Hybrid were to ditch the strings. I'd
      > actually prefer it if they were given a big role in the new album
      > la WA) rather than the bit part they played throughout most of MSF,
      > particularly if the scores are written as beautifully as they were
      > WA
      > As for the male-versus-female voice debate, I must admit both the
      > vocals/lyrics were better in WA. Whether this has much to do with
      > Julie Cruise' influence on WA is open to debate but having had MSF
      > for over 9 months now (like most other people) I must admit
      > I don't like to criticise too much) that the lyrics leave a bit to
      > desired in some parts, particularly Blackout, which I feel is a
      > song spoiled. I too agree that the male vocals are far from
      > inspiring (no criticism of Adam, I just don't think hes got the
      > voice for Hybrids style) on MSF and perhaps its time for Mike/Chris
      > to think about bringing in a permanent female vocalist so they can
      > explore all options when producing their music. I am not
      > that Adam be sidelined or dispensed with because he is clearly a
      > talented lad, but I do feel Hybrid need some variation,
      > on the tail of MSF which had some great songs, but not a great deal
      > of direction.
      > Some people will agree with me totally/partly/not at all but
      > regardless of that, it'd interesting to hear what all the rest of
      > think.
      > Ben
      > --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, Oddball <deadman@n...> wrote:
      > > Well the strings have become a 'Distinctive' Hybrid sound. I
      > see why
      > > they wouldn't use them again (Although you can get away with a
      > using
      > > something like Vienna to do sampled strings).
      > >
      > > As to the album being 'awkward'. I think you'll find every band
      > the
      > > same dilemma. How to evolve without alienating the fans. Do you
      > stay in the
      > > same tired rut or try something new? Sometimes this can go be a
      > forced
      > > extreme like when Ozzie left Sabbath to be replaced by another
      > singer. This
      > > worked well however for ACDC who's new singer gave them a bigger
      > status in
      > > the world of heavy rock. I personally find the male vocals on
      > Hybrid don't
      > > gel for me. The songs are good and haunting but I just can't 'get
      > off' on
      > > those male vocals for some reason. I also dislike the Peter Hook
      > riff.
      > > Sounded like a remix of one of his old tracks :P
      > >
      > > I actually prefer Hybrid in less 'band' mode and more 'two lads
      > messing
      > > about with tech muso gear to create great dance tracks' myself.
      > Sometimes
      > > music can become a little too 'arty' for my tastes. It really
      > depends
      > > though since I love arty music (You only have to look at my
      > soundtrack
      > > collection to know that).
      > >
      > > At 15:28 17/06/2004 +0100, you wrote:
      > > >On the note of the 3rd album, as the awkward 2nd album is well
      > truly
      > > >out of the way now... I'm just wondering... where would/could
      > boys go
      > > >to now in Russia to use the orchestra? I don't think they'd go
      > back to
      > > >Moscow or St. Petersburg, but I couldn't rule out the latter as
      > it'd fit
      > > >quite nicely into the band type situation that's brewing quite
      > nicely.
      > > >
      > > >Potential answers on a postcard please...
      > > >
      > > >Later,
      > > >Jits.
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      > way"
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