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  • Rob
    ... how ... individual ... does ... What s up? I just joined this group. I ve seen hybrid twice now. Both times at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. This
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2000
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      --- In HybridUK@egroups.com, "Ahmad Hutasuhut" <anh6@c...> wrote:
      > Yo, can anyone describe their live act to us all? I always hear
      > awesome they are but I'd like to know what they do behind the decks
      > that makes 'em awesome. Also, can anyone tell me what the
      > roles are for Hybrid live? I read on Distinct'ive's site that
      > Healings the percussionist, Truman's the "digital whizzkid", so
      > Mullins do the scratching? That's a helluva lot of scratching per
      > performance.

      What's up? I just joined this group. I've seen hybrid twice now. Both
      times at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. This year I got up
      front and center, so I got a good look at what they were doing. I
      can't match any of their names with faces, but here's what I saw...
      One of them was on a keyboard (a nord)and effecting the music with a
      pioneer efx 500. Another was scratching and playing a congo. And the
      third was playing an electric drum kit. It was by far the best
      performance there. I just wish they got to play at night. (They
      played just before the sun set.) What I think makes them so awsome
      live is the way they do it. Three of them, all doing something live
      the whole time. I've only seen two other techno performances that
      could come close to theirs...BT and Orbital. As an amature
      musician, I know how hard it is to attempt a live performance with
      computer and machine based music. I have alot of respect for them. If
      they ever come anywhere near your town, then GO SEE THEM! And yes
      there is ALOT of scratching in their live show, but it sounded good.
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