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  • Stuart Bruce
    This thing seems to have come from another mailing list, but unless I missed it it hasn t reached the Hybrid list yet, so I thought I d take the liberty of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2000
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      This thing seems to have come from another mailing list, but unless I
      missed it it hasn't reached the Hybrid list yet, so I thought I'd take
      the liberty of passing it on...


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      I certainly did not know that Starecase was the same people as General Midi
      and Ils! Did you?


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      > Hybrid are no doubt the uncrowned kings of progressive breaks and I
      > highly recommend picking up any material you find by them - but, just
      > so you know, the remix of "Under The Water" you are referring to was
      > done by another prog breaks pioneer, Starecase. Starecase's sound is
      > definitely a bit more progressive overall, most of their tracks tend
      > to fall into the breakbeat intro into 4 / 4 formula... Hybrid on the
      > other hand tend to toe the line between progressive house and nu-skool
      > breaks. But they are both two of the most solid producers around in my
      > opinion. As for releases and such, Hybrid only have one album at the
      > moment ( "Wide Angle" )and they *will* be touring Stateside very soon
      > to promote it. Of course, their vinyl back catalog is pretty extensive
      > dating back quite a few years, so if you're looking for records rather
      > than CDs, you're in luck. I literally have tons of tracks / remixes
      > they've done for everyone from electronic acts like Blue Pearl ( old
      > school & a half ) and Energy 52
      > "cafe del mar" ) to pop stars like Filter and Alanis Morisette (
      > they've done two of her tracks, but don't expect any more.. ). Most of
      > their material is still pretty easy to come by ( due to their
      > popularity ), but some of it is pretty damn rare ( ie. their now
      > shelved mixes of Alanis or some of the older material like Alison
      > Limerick mixes ). Plus, they always have a steady flow of new tracks
      > being released, like their recent mix of "Bleachin'" and upcoming
      > tracks with Chrissy Hynde ( of the PRETENDERS ) and Sander "4 Seasons"
      > Kleinenberg! As for their live show, it is without a doubt one of the
      > most solid efforts you'll find from any electronic outfit. I saw them
      > twice in Miami @ the WMC and both times they absolutely blew the crowd
      > away! This probably has to do with the fact they *are* ( for the most
      > part ) actually playing the music you're hearing, rather than simply
      > jumping up and down behind a keyboard stand while a DAT does the dirty
      > work. Live drums, live synths and live cutting & scratching, all held
      > together by a laptop running Cubase - absolutely incredible!
      > Definitely keep an eye out for them in the upcoming months.

      Stuart Bruce
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