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  • Dave Peverley
    ... From: Alan Duval To: ... Hmm. I m trying to work out exactly *which* signature sound you mean
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29 3:55 AM
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      From: "Alan Duval" <propellerheadcase@...>
      To: <HybridUK@yahoogroups.com>

      > There is one element that Hybrid uses time and time again, and that's
      > that sort of explosion sound that has kick drum and bass-tone
      > elements to it, with all the high-end snare and hi-hat sounding stuff
      > that shimmers back and forth across the stereo picture. I'm almost
      > certain they tune the bass-tone to be the root-note for whatever key
      > they are in. I was reminded of it when I was listening to the
      > Bombscare remix, it's on two or three tracks on RaAPb... too.
      Hmm. I'm trying to work out exactly *which* signature sound you mean here...!

      Do you mean something along the lines of the kick sound about 4:28 into Theme
      from Wide Angle on the Wider Angle CD? If so, sounds to me like several
      layers - one with a really tight compressed high-attack kick sound, one with a
      longer deeper more mellow kick and one with a crash cymbal with most of
      everything below 4k rolled off and some subtle phasing over the top to produce
      the 'shimmer' you mention. I'd agree with you about the tuning though - you
      can easily pitch shift the deeper kick sound much in the same way junglists
      tune up 808 kicks for bass drops. You have to be suitably obsessive about your
      drum programming though!

      > On the BT recycling thing, what's the track that has vocal elements
      > from Mercury and Solace in it? Sunblind?
      Yeah, it was. I think that was written for the film 'Go' IIRC. If you like
      this sort of thing, if you get the chance, look at the Pro-Tools arrange page
      for any of BT's stuff from around the MISL album. The editing is *really*
      scary... Oh, and if you haven't heard it, listen to 'Hard Normal Daddy' by
      Squarepusher... Mmmmm! :-)

      Ack, you've got me all enthusiastic now. I'll just have to see if I can hold
      that thought till I can get home to the studio tonight....! :-)

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