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Hybrid on Annie Nightengale

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  • Stephanie Rae
    Wasn t sure at first, but boy was the peter hook bassline a dead giveaway. Just heard True To Form for the first time on Annie Nightengale s Radio 1
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2003
      Wasn't sure at first, but boy was the peter hook bassline a dead
      giveaway. Just heard 'True To Form' for the first time on Annie
      Nightengale's Radio 1 broadcast from Glastonbury. Out of the corner
      of my ear, I thought I caught a bloke say hybrid. Like an hour in or
      so, I would guess. I should probably refrain from commenting on the
      first listen, knowing it's Hybrid. Oh what the hell. Although it
      struck me as having sorta grim lyrics for the dance floor, what a
      great song within the bigger picture of all music. From a dance
      perspective, it sounded like it stirred from the gothic roots of dark
      eighties dance, not only because of Hook, but the vibe created by
      lyrics. Of course, it sounded technically fresh and ever forward,
      also feeling quite lush and rich. Hook's soloing basslines seemed to
      fill space where an orchestra would have been if the track were from
      Wide Angle. From a more rock perspective, it seems like it would
      credibly offer a much needed step forward in electronically mature
      music, a bit educational within that scene. Looking forward to hear
      it again.

      Oh...sounds like there's an interview with Hybrid now. What do I
      know, maybe it's just someone else with a Welsh accent. Gotta go
      listen, and pay better attention...


      Stephanie Rae

      Electronic Artist Recording Services
      105 Inverness Ct. Kalamazoo, MI 49006

      Daddy likes breaks.
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