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Re: Hello from another new one

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  • Alan Duval
    Well, I can t answer your question, though I d imagine the answer is No , but let me be amongst the first to say Hi! ;-) It s gratifying to see the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2003
      Well, I can't answer your question, though I'd imagine the answer
      is 'No', but let me be amongst the first to say 'Hi!' ;-)

      It's gratifying to see the previously socialist and communist nations
      open up. I just bought a handful of CDs from a chap in the former

      >--- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Catalin Slavescu"
      ><catalin_slavescu@b...> wrote:
      >My name is Catalin Slavescu, I'm 44 and from Bucharest, Romania, at
      >the opposite side of Europe. But I'll always use the nick name:
      >Oliver Kay. I've been from 1973 addicted to music and I've managed to
      >keep an open mind to every new type going, from Pink Floyd, Led
      >Zeppelin and Yes, thru Metallica, Jethro Tull, Frankie Goes To
      >Hollywood to Oliver Shanti, William Orbit and Claude Challe's Buddha-
      >I do have a collection of more than 6,000 hours of music, which all
      >of you can understand was very difficult to achieve in socialist
      >time. In this past winter I've discovered this kind of long time
      >mixes made by artists like Sasha, Deep Dish, Ferry Corsten, but most
      >of all I enjoyed Hybrid mixes, which are difficult to find (not to
      >mention the quality). Because my note is already too long I'll end it
      >here with one question:
      >Is the mix "Hybrid - Live At The Mission 2003-02-15" from
      >Hybridized.org recorded at The Mission in Bucharest or elsewhere?
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