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  • Gen Kanai
    ... I consider myself a Hybrid expert, lucky for you :) In terms of releases...try and search out the Japan CD import of Wide Angle which comes with an extra
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2000
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      At 06:22 PM 4/12/00 -0400, "the.boy" <payvand@...> wrote:
      >anyway. do we have any experts on them here? i'd be curious to know if they're
      >touring and what releases are a must.

      I consider myself a Hybrid expert, lucky for you :)

      In terms of releases...try and search out the Japan CD import of "Wide
      Angle" which comes with an extra CD of 5 live tracks recorded in
      Amsterdam. I also have a Ministry of Sound DJ session with Hybrid. Also,
      don't forget the "Y3K" compilation that was put out by DJ Hyper (of Bedrock
      fame) on Distinct'ive Records which has 2 Hybrid tracks and overall is
      awesome. Y3K is the epitome of what they're calling nu skool breaks,
      imho. There are also CD singles of "Finished Symphony" and "If I Survive"
      as well (which I have.)

      In terms of domestic releases, Hybrid was supposed to be distributed
      stateside on Thrive but Thrive was dropped by their parent, WEA. So we're
      (the US Hybrid fans) hoping for a !K7 release here in the US (!K7 is doing
      all the Global Underground releases that Thrive did in the past.) Others
      say that Kinetic will release Hybrid in the US. Whoever does, let's hope
      they do so soon!

      They toured the US briefly in 1999. I saw them perform at the Viper Room
      here in LA with a packed crowd of industry insiders. It was a religious
      experience for me (being the fan I am.) I also heard them DJ at Louis XIV
      which was cool too. They went to WMC I heard. I pray that they will tour
      again if "Wide Angle" gets a domestic release." Hybrid is great live,
      better than Deepsky if you've ever seen them live.

      THIS IS NOT A FULL DISCOGRAPHY. This is only stuff I own...

      ---Full lengths on Distinct'ive Records---
      Hybrid "Wide Angle"

      ---Singles on Distinct'ive Records---
      Hybrid "if i survive" featuring julee cruise (way out west mix, way out
      west dub, interfearance dub)
      Hybrid "if i survive" featuring julee cruise (original, beber's boleyn
      'west stand' mix, hybrid's echoplex mix)
      Hybrid "altitude/kill city"
      Y3K EP1 - Hybrid "Grooveology" (Y3K001 EP1)
      Y3K EP4 - BT/Hybrid "Running Down The Way Up" (Y3K001 EP4)
      Hybrid w/Chrissy Hynde "Kid 2000"

      Gouryella "Walhalla" (Hybrid's Matrix Dub, Hybrid's Echoplex Mix)
      BT "Godspeed" (Hybrid Mix, Hybrid Dub)
      Carl Cox "Phuture 2000" (Hybrid Mix)
      Salt Tank "Dimension" (Hybrid's Audio Candy Remix)
      Jean Michel Jarre "C'est La Vie" (Hybrid's Echoplex Remix)
      Lennie De Ice "We Are I.E." (Hybrid's Pumping Mix, Hybrid's Lite Mix,
      Hybrid's Dark Mix)
      DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Summertime" (Hybrid Remix)
      Moby "Bodyrock" (Hybrid Remix)
      Alanis Morisette "So Pure" (Hybrid remix)
      DJ Rap "" (Hybrid Remix)
      Healey & Amos "Bleachin" (Hybrid remix)
      Hybrid "Burnin'" (Hybrid's Burning Breakbeat Mix)

      too many to list...
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