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Re: [HybridUK] US release?

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  • Vince H.
    Re: the Hybrid album, it s supposed to be released on Thrive Records (http://www.thriverecords.com ) in the US, but the site had nothing listed about it the
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 6, 2000
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      Re: the Hybrid album, it's supposed to be released on Thrive Records (http://www.thriverecords.com ) in the US, but the site had nothing listed about it the last time I checked (earlier this week).  The WOW album from '97 was never released domestically.  I talked to Jody (1/2 of WOW) when he visited Houston last month and he informed me that the new WOW album will be getting a formal domestic US release.  Here's hoping...
      Vince H.
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      From: Crocuta
      Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 9:17 PM
      Subject: Re: [HybridUK] US release?

      Matthew Craig wrote:
      >   I've been looking around quite a bit for this information but
      > nobody seems to know anything.  I was just wondering if Wide Angle is
      > EVER going to be released in the United States?  My brother got the
      > Japanese import and my resistance is wearing down.  (Poor student,
      > must.. not.. pay.. import.. prices).
      >   Actually I'll import it anyway, = ) but It'd be a shame to not have
      > such a brilliant work available here.

      I'd like to know that too.. altho I was able to find a copy in an import
      in a shop in Boston.... (UK import, not Japanese... altho they did have
      a lot of J-pop, but that's another story)
      They had Way Out West too, at one point in history. Just a placeholder
      then tho, no album.

      I wonder about several bands and when/if they will be formally released
      in the US. Is there any place in which you can find that out? Short of
      going to the label itself and asking, that is??

      wondering who to ask..

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