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  • Stuart Bruce
    I m selling off a selection of CDs that I ve got spare copies of. Sorry that most of the list below are off-topic, but I thought some people might be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2001
      I'm selling off a selection of CDs that I've got spare copies of. Sorry
      that most of the list below are off-topic, but I thought some people
      might be interested in the "Kid 2000" single (which has 2 mixes not
      found on the full release), or some of the Way Out West stuff.

      I've put the following spare CDs up for auction 'cos I'm not sure how
      much they're worth (opening bids in brackets);

      Hybrid "Kid 2000" 3-track promo CD with edits ($2)
      Way Out West "Intensify" 6-track promo sampler ($5)
      Futurasound "Call My Name" 4-track promo CD single ($1) (Way Out West)
      Utah Saints "Power To The Beats" Rob Searle mixes promo CD ($5)
      Mirwais 3-track promo CD ($2)
      Solid Gold Chartbusters- KLF- CD single ($1.50)
      Bentley Rhythm Ace "Gutbuster" UK 2CD set ($0.50)
      Sunscreem "Catch" UK CD2 with Matt Darey and Andy Ling mixes ($2)

      All my auctions are listed at

      I've also got the following other spare CDs, which I'd rather just sell
      off straight than auction, so if anyone's interested in the given price
      (shown in brackets) then e-mail me, it's first come first served. Or
      make me an offer...

      - The Tamperer "If You Buy This Record..." CD with Dope Smugglaz mix
      - Arkarna "The Future's Overrated" UK CD single, 6 tracks with Arthur
      Baker, Club 69 and Dub Pistols mixes ($2)
      - Manchild "Rehab" 4-track promo CD-R with extra mix ($2)
      - Pauline Taylor "Come Down" CD single with Bluebottle mix by Rollo ($2)
      - Pauline Taylor "Pauline Taylor" CD album, great album but sleeve a
      little bit scuffed ($5)
      - Orbital "Beached" 3-track CD single ($3)
      - Lightning Seeds "Life's Too Short" CD with Way Out West mix ($3)
      - Utah Saints "Funky Music" 4-track promo CD in special sleeve ($3)
      - Utah Saints "Love Song" UK 2CD single set ($5)
      - Utah Saints "Power To The Beats" 6-track UK CD single ($5)
      - Way Out West "The Fall" 1-track radio edit promo CD-R ($3)
      - Glamma Kid "Fashion 98" 2-track promo CD ($0.50)
      - The Prodigy "Fire/Jericho" UK 4-track CD single ($3)
      - Mirwais "Disco Science" 1-track promo in special gold sleeve ($2)
      - Paul Van Dyk "Tell Me Why" UK CD1 ($2)
      - Spacedust "Gym And Tonic" UK CD single ($2)
      - Robert Owens "I'll Be Your Friend" 4-track Perfecto CD with SPS and
      Dekkard mixes ($2)
      - Stroke "Internal Call" 1-track promo CD single, rare, the band of
      the keyboardist from Utah Saints ($3)
      - Christian Falk "Make It Right" 1-track promo CD ($0.50)
      - Jam & Spoon "Angel" 6-track CD single ($2)

      Stuart Bruce
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