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Re: [Hybrid] Re: Hybrid on Fri+new material

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  • Phil Stewart
    ... Terminalhead - Mind Of Your Own [The Light Mix] ... tasty stuff, I ll be playing it in my next radio mix. There s a dub (1) version too which is also
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 2, 2003
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      On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, brian elder wrote:
      > (the last track gets a lot of kudos, but I think it has to be the
      > Light's mix of Terminalhead )

      Terminalhead - Mind Of Your Own [The Light Mix] ... tasty stuff, I'll be
      playing it in my next radio mix. There's a 'dub' (1) version too which is
      also Most Excellent. The last track in the Pure Future set is Vector -
      Rise, and I can't get enough of that track. It is also the first track in
      the Live @ The Mission set, on of my favourite sets (2), particularly the
      first half of Part 3. Excellent stuff.

      From Phil

      (1) I call it the 'dub' because the white label has two mixes clearly both
      by The Light, and has no indication as to what they might be called. The
      second mix is what I would think of as a dub with respect to the first mix
      (cf Theme From Wide Angle, Rolling Thunder Club/Dub), so it makes a
      convenient label. Just thought I'd mention it, before a whole new 'what is
      a dub' thread begins ...

      (2) There's something kinda reassuring about Live @ The Mission, quite
      possibly the fact that I can heavily identify with the DJing technique,
      and how that even such masterful guys as Chris & Mike can't always keep it
      100% tight ... maybe they're only a few orders of magnitude better than me
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