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95Re: Wide Angle promo- is this rare?

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  • Stuart Bruce
    Dec 7, 1999
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      On Tue 07 Dec, Vince H. wrote:
      > From: "Vince H." <vinnie97@...>
      > > Got a 5-track promo for "Wide Angle" through the post this morning.
      > > I'd ordered it cheap and I expected it just to be 5 extracts from
      > > the full album, but surprisingly, it's quite different.
      > >
      > > The five tracks are:
      > >
      > > "Altitude"- a nearly-five-minute version. I recognised this as I
      > > found it on that Musik compilation CD, but it sounds likely a
      > > slightly different version unless I'm mistaken.
      > hmm..."Altitude" was released on a Distinctive promo late last year,
      > and it's about 6 minutes and 25 seconds. I'm assuming you got the
      > edit of it. The version on the promo I have is void of any orchestral
      > arrangements, however.

      This version (4:51) does just seem to be an edit- literally a faded-out
      version- of the 6-minutes-ish version from the Musik compilation. What I
      said about it earlier about there being differences was wrong; just an
      initial reaction.

      > > "Kill City"- begins with the orchestral opening (track 1 from the
      > > album) and then breaks into a brand new track I've not heard before!
      > > Total running time is nearly five minutes. It's great as well-
      > > Hybrid doing a big rave thing at the end (all instrumental). Quality
      > > stuff, must hear!
      > Ahh...the infamous promo rears it's head again. ;) "Kill City" was on
      > the flip-side of the "Altitude" promo I mentioned above. Clocking in
      > at 6 minutes, 6 seconds, it is one of Hybrid's darkest pieces. Again,
      > no sign of any orchestra on this, as it was meant for DJ's only. :)

      This'll be a very different version then, since it starts with the
      _entire_ track 1 from "Wide Angle" before breaking into what I must
      assume was going to be the album version of "Kill City". Total running
      time is 4:58, although it does fade out.

      I would guess that since, at 76 minutes, "Kill City" may have simply
      been dropped for space reasons, in favour of "If I Survive".

      > > "Experiment IV"- it only gets better and better. A brand new (to me)
      > > vocal track (with a female vocalist, _not_ Julee Cruise) singing a
      > > great track, with Apollo 440-esque guitar, Space Brothers-esque high
      > > moments, great drum programming (as you'd expect). Lyrical example:
      > > "and they told us what they wanted was a sound that could kill
      > > someone from a distance, so we go ahead and the meters are over in
      > > the red". If this had been on "Wide Angle" it would have been a
      > > stand-out track- I love it. Yet again, nearly five minutes.
      > NOW you've got me curious! It's quite frustrating that I may never
      > get the chance to hear this one (or the next) due to the fact that
      > it's (most likely) quite rare.

      I'm guessing, but in this case I'd suspect that this track was dropped
      because they wanted to keep Julee Cruise as the only vocalist on the
      album (and basically install her as a permanent member of the band). So
      this mysterious vocalist remains unnamed?...

      A shame, because it really is a fantastic track.


      Stuart Bruce
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