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9439RE: [Hybrid].... And The Charts

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  • Phil Stewart
    Sep 4, 2002
      On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 ally@... wrote:
      > And...I'd rather we didn't get into making "you spelt x wrong" comments.
      > Vince obviously knows how to spell Distinct'ive, it was just a typo. If we
      > started to spend our time looking at spelling, I could point out that you
      > missed an apostrophe after the t, in "Distinct'ive".

      Heck, even Distinct'ive don't always get it right - the copyright on the
      back of the VN / KYE sleeve (both CD and vinyl) has the apostrophe in the
      wrong place :-)

      There again, the apostrophe doesn't seem existant at all in the actually
      Distinct'ive Breaks logo. That, combined with my inherent laziness, is why
      I tend to leave the apostrophe out altogether most of the time.

      From Phil
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