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9428RE: [Hybrid].... And The Charts

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  • Thom Burgess
    Sep 3 7:02 AM
      riiiiiiiight. Well like i said its still early days. Distinctive aren't amateurs but neither are they used to massive commercial success which is no bad thing. Just hope it gets the good reviews it deserves.

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      --- In HybridUK@y..., "Thom Burgess" <thb@c...> wrote:
      > Fair play to you mate! Its a shame Distinctive didn't cater for
      >demand-but you never know. Could just be their first major single!
      >Does anyone know if there's a video for it?

      Don't automatically assume that Distinct'ive were to blame...don't
      the record stores state how many copies they want to order?

      ...and I also very much doubt that this will be their first major
      single. This is a limited edition release. Distinct'ive ain't
      ameteurs :) Don't think there's a vid.

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