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9427RE: [Hybrid].... And The Charts

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  • Phil Stewart
    Sep 3, 2002
      On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Nick Bower wrote:
      > >As a frame of reference it sold less than 30 copies on each format
      > >yesterday ( virgin megastores sales figures alone).
      > Not surprising...I think everyone probably went to HMV as they couldn't
      > find it in Virgin!!! It may just have sold out - but I went into the
      > Oxford St Virgin in London (major store) and it had no copies of Visible
      > Noise/Know Your Enemy to be seen - on either format.

      I'm not sure how much of a gauge Virgin Oxford Street can realistically
      be taken as. I've seen that store go from it's highs (good CD and vinyl
      backcatalogue, the purchase of If I Survive and Kid 2000 on vinyl, etc),
      to its lows, where all the vinyl has been a squillion copies of Ian Van
      Dahl's Castles In The Sky and whatever other tunes are lurking in the
      charts. Not a major dis on Virgin in general though, each shop operates
      differently depending on it's location, competition, clientele, etc (after
      I stopped shopping at Virgin Oxford Street I switched to Virgin King's
      Road :-)

      > HMV varied from
      > having the CD and vinyl under their 'new release' section to just having
      > a few copies of the CD stuffed under the 'Hybrid' singles section.

      My view on this seems to be that although the release hasn't had any major
      store positioning (in the two I've been in anyway), what records and CDs
      they have got have been displayed in fairly prominent locations on the
      shelves. I've not failed to rapidly spot the now familiar green sleeves
      with the prominent white logo in both CD and vinyl sections (where the
      former existed, that is).

      > Its seems to me that stores haven't ordered that many copies - as they
      > don't think that it would shift that many units like a Chart/pop act
      > would. (plus this is pitched as a dj 2 track release - not a 'proper'
      > release with upteen mixes...)

      Yeah my inklings about that were confirmed when I got my CD copy today. I
      was pretty chuffed to see it explicitly labelled up as a DJ CD, cos it
      kinda embodies both the acknowledgement that CD (and other non-vinyl
      format) DJing is becoming more widespread, and equally (if not more)
      fundamentally that some fans aren't vinyl junkies, don't own turntables,
      andshould be able to get all the tracks that can be got on vinyl. Kudos,
      Distinctive :-)

      > I wonder how many units of the Cd and vinyl were actually replicated? It
      > would be interesting to hear how limited the release is.

      I was going to speculate, but then contemplated how absolutely meaningless
      any such contemplation would be. Not that I'm not curious, but I think
      it's fairly safe to say that Distinctive will have had enough done to go
      round, and if they have underestimated, then surely they'll press up more

      As a final note on the entire subject (translation, I'm too lazy to reply
      to more than one e-mail about the whole thing :-), the stickers thing.
      Distinctive seem to be well-up on doing stickers, I've had Distinctive
      Breaks stickers before when I've ordered stuff online from them, and more
      recently Way Out West stickers. I've not seen Hybrid stickers before
      though, so more Kudos to Distinctive for using this opportunity to
      distribute a munch-load of stickers to the fan-base.

      Personally, I now have a Distinctive sticker on the top of my record box,
      a WOW sticker on the left hand side, and the recent addition of a Hybrid
      sticker on the right hand side, with the eventual aim of filling up both
      sides with more non-identical stickers of their respective groups :-)

      >From Phil
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