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  • Matt A
    Sep 3, 2002
      This is correct, Ally; at least in the US anyways.

      I work for the largest electronics retailer in the United States. For over
      3 1/2 years I worked in the warehouse receiving product so I had a chance
      to see the purchase orders and all that. The way it works is you have a
      purchaser who basically does nothing more than look at the sales figures
      for previous releases and orders based on that. If there are no previous
      releases, you're likely to see only about 1-3 copies ordered for any given
      CD. It also depends on what area the store is located. For instance, my
      store had 0 copies of Dusted's "When We Were Young" ordered, however a
      store more than an hour away from mine had 1 ordered (odd because my store
      is the largest store in my state, and the store that actually got a copy is
      kind of in the middle of nowhere). The problem is the corporate purchasers
      usually don't know ANYTHING about music beyond the sales figures and
      because good electronic music is never played on mainstream radio in my
      state (despite it being the birthplace of techno), there's no demand for
      much of it. Even the larger artists like BT and Underworld get
      overshadowed by crappy "dance" music like DJ Sammy, Darude, and Kylie
      Minogue because that's all the radio here plays. Nothing makes me angrier
      than having a customer walk up to me and asking "Do you have DJ Sammy? It's
      techno". NO IT'S NOT! It's cheesy, by-the-numbers radio-friendly crap.

      Another good example is Sasha's album. We actually had 9 copies of the
      album come in for it's initial release since he's fairly well known here
      for the Global Underground discs and the Sasha & Digweed mixes. When we
      sold out within 2 days, we suddenly had a box of 30 on order, just because
      we sold out so quickly. Now we have an overabundance of Sasha CDs because
      the few fans who live in the area have already bought their copies and the
      general public doesn't know who he is.

      In America it's the fault of both the record companies for not promoting
      their artists to radio and eMpTyV, and the fault of the idiot corporate
      purchasers that don't know anything about music outside of what's popular.
      Look at Moby. He's suddenly become a mainstream artist. Radio stations play
      his singles, the video channels are showing both "We Are All Made Of Stars"
      and "Extreme Ways" and people are buying his records. On the other hand, if
      I tell people my favorite band is Hybrid they cock their heads and give me
      an odd look.

      OK, rant over.
      Matt A.

      At 01:48 PM 9/3/2002 +0000, you wrote:
      >--- In HybridUK@y..., "Thom Burgess" <thb@c...> wrote:
      > > Fair play to you mate! Its a shame Distinctive didn't cater for
      > >demand-but you never know. Could just be their first major single!
      > >Does anyone know if there's a video for it?
      >Don't automatically assume that Distinct'ive were to blame...don't
      >the record stores state how many copies they want to order?
      >...and I also very much doubt that this will be their first major
      >single. This is a limited edition release. Distinct'ive ain't
      >ameteurs :) Don't think there's a vid.
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