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91Wide Angle promo- is this rare?

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  • Stuart Bruce
    Dec 7, 1999
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      Got a 5-track promo for "Wide Angle" through the post this morning. I'd
      ordered it cheap and I expected it just to be 5 extracts from the full
      album, but surprisingly, it's quite different.

      The five tracks are:

      "Altitude"- a nearly-five-minute version. I recognised this as I found
      it on that Musik compilation CD, but it sounds likely a slightly
      different version unless I'm mistaken.

      "Beachcoma"- the album version, fades out after nearly five minutes,
      unmixed-into-anything at the start, which makes it nice as a stand-alone
      track but otherwise nothing expected.

      "Kill City"- begins with the orchestral opening (track 1 from the album)
      and then breaks into a brand new track I've not heard before! Total
      running time is nearly five minutes. It's great as well- Hybrid doing a
      big rave thing at the end (all instrumental). Quality stuff, must hear!

      "Experiment IV"- it only gets better and better. A brand new (to me)
      vocal track (with a female vocalist, _not_ Julee Cruise) singing a great
      track, with Apollo 440-esque guitar, Space Brothers-esque high moments,
      great drum programming (as you'd expect). Lyrical example: "and they
      told us what they wanted was a sound that could kill someone from a
      distance, so we go ahead and the meters are over in the red". If this
      had been on "Wide Angle" it would have been a stand-out track- I love
      it. Yet again, nearly five minutes.

      "Gospel"- would you believe it, nearly five minutes again. This one is
      an alternative version of "Theme From Wide Angle", with a different
      (slightly longer) intro, but otherwise sounding pretty much the same
      until it fades out from about 4:40.

      So, is this old news to everyone or what? Why wasn't I informed about
      these tracks?! ;-)


      Stuart Bruce
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