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8919RE: [Hybrid] Re: Bedrock

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  • ally@hybrid-group.com
    Jul 31, 2002
      > > Been told to tell you that it's going to be VERY busy. So get there
      > > as early as poss. Even the paying guestlist queue is likely to be
      > > rather large.
      > >
      > > Dress code...usual. Apparently, trainers are allowed.
      > What's usual?
      > And do you mean we are non-paying guestlist? i thought we still had
      > to pay a fiver! lol

      I meant busy relative to the length of a normal paying guestlist queue.
      Still have to pay ?5.

      > Oh and it is over-18s rite? not over 20s?... otherwise i could be
      > f**ked!

      I'm assuming over 18s. Are there many over 20s clubs in London?!

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