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8392Re: [Hybrid] OT: Apple acquires Emagic

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  • oddball
    Jul 2, 2002
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      My sentiments exactly. I can see a lot of people moving over to Logic. Hybrid use Logic and say it's a better product anyhow.

      [[[ Jason says: I'm not sure I understand your response. emagic makes logic. logic will no longer be supported pc users after sept 30th. jd is saying he thinks people will move over to cubase or some other pc supported app, and AWAY from logic, which will only be supported on apple os now. ]]]

      At 10:53 02/07/2002 -0400, you wrote:
      >jfransella@... writes:
      >> Here's something I thought might be of interest to some of the
      >> producers and would be producers that frequent the list.
      >i think its one of the worst moves apple could make.. seeing as 45% of
      >emagics buisness is from pc users.. and the fact that they wont support pc
      >users after spet 30th.. especially since they just released 5.0 bundled with
      >hardware.. that was well over 1000 bux...
      >out of spite it will be a huge f&^k you... and people will rebel... the ony
      >other logical choice will be cubase sx.. so steinberg must be loving apples
      >retardedness on this move
      >friggin wackintosh.. what a bunch of boneheads
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