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8365RE: [Hybrid] Fabric, last night..

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  • Chilvers, Simon
    Jul 1, 2002

      I'm gutted I missed out on the end of the set!!!

      My mate who drove us up there... Felt really tired about an hour into the
      Hybrid set and wanted to go!!

      Ally texted me the day after and told me what a good set it was..... I
      promptly went round his house that afternoon and gave him a good ear

      He's really into Hybrid... He's got the gatecrasher set and knows the tune
      that was played at the end and could only apolagise!!

      Apart from the leaving early bit it was a good night!!!

      Ali B was wicked... We got in earlyish and sat listening to him... (Anyone
      else who was there early will know why we didn't dance... To cut a long
      story short there was this freakish looking girl in the middle of the dance
      floor just standing there swaying to and fro obviously tripping off her

      The beginning of his set was really nice and chilled, he dropped a few Layo
      and Bushwacka tracks... Let the good times roll Chapter One etc towards the
      end it got more progressive and beaty!! Really good set leading up to what I
      thought was going to be an interesting live set from Howie B.... I'd heard
      of him but never seen him DJ or play Live!!

      I'll be certain never to see him again!!

      What made it really funny was the huge cheer from the crowd when the plumps

      Their set was immense!!! Highlights were their remix of orbital's Funny
      Break, a Donna Summers remix (Which I heard them also play at Homelands!) (I
      think it's the danny howells remix for those interested??) and Scram at the
      very end!!

      Chris opened on his own to begin with With Sasha's "Wavey Gravy" (which
      reminds me... Anyone know the release date of Airdrawndagger???) then one of
      my favs Papua new guinea...... This was the highllight of the evening for me
      because at this point the dry ice machine broke and the room cleared.... You
      could see the crowd going absolutely nuts!! Especially from the vantage
      point that we had!! Then a bloke came round fixed it and they flooded the
      place worse than ever compensating for the few minutes that it was broken!!!

      There were a couple of other tracks that were good but I don't remember
      because it was this point that my mate anounced that he wanted to go within
      the next half hour... And the rest of the evening was spent trying to
      persuade him to stay!!

      Which ultimately didn't work!!


      Nice to meet Ally and a few other guys!!

      See Ya next time! (whenever that'll be??)

      Simon Chilvers

      (who will now drive himself to every Hybrid gig!!)
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