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8037Re: [Hybrid] OT: New Sasha Album (and Oakenfold)

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  • EvilAlivE@aol.com
    May 30, 2002
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      antti.mutta@... writes:

      > Simply beautiful. I don't think programming drums define who knows how to
      > produce. It's not easy, but doing melodies, chords and keeping it all
      > together - that's hard.

      im not saying its not hard to come up with melodies... but... frequency wise.
      and keepng everything in check... well.. you dont ever have to introduce
      compression.. period... efx wise.. its delay and verb.. maybe a lil chorus...
      but there r so many factors that are left out... ambient music... engineering
      wise is much easier to control without running into problems instead of a
      full blown.. full frequencied mix...

      think abou tit for a moment... how much easier is it to keep control of pads
      and lil synths that are all in the same frequency range? im not doubting his
      writing ability one bit...
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