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8Re: New Single / Album

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  • Vince H.
    Sep 21, 1999
      This message comes a little late, but still very applicable. I just logged onto my older ISP so that I could successfully send mail w/ the account I signed up for.

      "*right hand raised* :)

      wow, I hadn't realized this list was alive! Where is everybody? Right as I
      sat down to listen to the opening credits and If I Survive, I receive this
      message from this long forgotten mailing list. Glad 2 be aboard, and so
      far, I'm taken away by the album.

      I'll report back later w/ any later comments.

      Vince H.

      (let's get this ball rolling!)"

      which I see has already been done by the likes of Stuart Bruce, whose name I also recognize from the Sunscreem mailing list. :) Well, that makes 3 of us...any other lurkers care 2 make a stand?

      Vince H.

      > Ok - you Hybrid fans....hands up who bought the new single / album....?
      > Comments?
      > What do you think about Julee singing on half the new album?
      > Cheers,
      > Ally
      > [List Owner]
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