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7989RE: [Hybrid] OT: New Sasha Album (and Oakenfold)

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  • Jason Fransella
    May 29, 2002
      Are you in the studio with them? Do you even know someone who
      specifically has first hand knowledge themselves? I have to think after
      10+ years and owning his own label he has picked SOMETHING up about
      production... even if he were just sitting there drinking a soda (pop)
      while others were doing the work he'd have absorbed some knowledge...

      Also, are you saying he doesn't even write or have any influence on the
      direction of the music? There are plenty of artists that aren't
      engineers of any sort and need someone technical in the studio with

      Seems like an overly harsh, and most likely uninformed and inaccurate
      criticism to me...

      Waiting for the flame war to erupt,


      -----Original Message-----
      From: olic660 [mailto:olivercollett@...]

      > Oakenfold's album might be pretty cool from what I've heard, not
      > impressed by Southern Sun, but Ready Steady Go (featuring Asha D of
      So Solid
      > Crew -- BO!) is really cool...
      > I really liked the Swordfish soundtrack, so, well, time will tell.
      > June it's released)

      I hope you arent serious.... are you?????

      Oh yeah, if anyone doesnt know already, I will have to tell you
      again. Oakenfold doesnt produce, Andy Gray does, he doesnt know a
      thing bout producing
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