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7954Re: [Hybrid] OT: New Sasha Album (and Oakenfold)

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  • Adam Garner
    May 28, 2002
      Personally reckon Sasha's album is going to be very cool... given the amount
      of time he's been working on it (3 years or so since last count)...

      Oakenfold's album might be pretty cool from what I've heard, not that
      impressed by Southern Sun, but Ready Steady Go (featuring Asha D of So Solid
      Crew -- BO!) is really cool...

      I really liked the Swordfish soundtrack, so, well, time will tell. (10th
      June it's released)

      > > I dunno, Fluke & BT are shaping up to be the major album players this
      > > year...haven't heard any of the new Sasha (to my knowledge).
      > I still have $20 saying BT's new album won't be out until around February
      > of 2003.
      > Dan
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