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7217Re: [Hybrid] additional Dutch list

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  • Sandy Lao
    Apr 1, 2002
      don't you people think you're getting enough messages
      already? How do you find time to read everything in
      detail??? Am I the only one who's only got 24 hrs a
      day or what???


      --- Norbert de Jonge <norbertdejonge@...> wrote:

      > You people from the USA and UK speak (about) the
      > same
      > language... but some people prefer being able to
      > discuss Hybrid/things in their own language. ;-)
      > Also,
      > not all Dutch speak English (easily). And some
      > people
      > like to get a little bit less e-mails than what they
      > get from this HybridUK list (even with "Daily
      > digest"
      > deliveries, there is much to read through). The
      > number
      > of Hybrid fans seems to be increasing, why shouldn't
      > the number of lists about them (rhetorical
      > question)...
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