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72Re: Hybrid's presence UK/US

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  • Vince H.
    Nov 6, 1999
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      From: Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      To: Hybrid(UK) mailing list <hybriduk@onelist.com>
      Sent: Thursday, October 28, 1999 6:23 AM
      Subject: [HybridUK] Hybrid's presence UK/US

      > From: Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      > Just wondering how people on this list might describe Hybrid's current
      > "presence" on the music scene, either in the UK or US or anywhere else
      > in the world for that matter... I wore my Hybrid shirt out to a club
      > last night, a couple of people asked what it was but no-one showed any
      > glimmer of recognition...
      > Also, I've just got a copy through of the US version of "Bodyrock". What
      > puzzles me is that while the UK CD had 3 mixes, and included the Hybrid
      > mix, the US version has 6 mixes, but no Hybrid mix...?
      > Stuart.

      Very limited in my area of the states. They are highly underground
      (oxymoron, perhaps? ;) over here w/ no mass appeal whatsoever. They haven't
      been aired on any prime time top 40 stations, so that help explains it. No
      matter how underrecognized they seem to be in the UK, I'm sure it's worse in
      the states.

      Yes, I was very frustrated about the fact that Hybrid's Remix of "Bodyrock"
      was not included on any form of media around here! I had to order the vinyl
      directly from the UK...I thought I'd never locate it....luckily, one of your
      fine retailers pulled through (Action Records, I believe).

      Vince H.

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