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7170Re: [Hybrid] additional Dutch list

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  • ally@hybrid-group.co.uk
    Mar 27, 2002
      I spoke to Norbert about this privately. I gave him my concerns about
      duplication etc and fragmenting the list.....but I can also understand that
      there are probably some Dutch peeps out there that would prefer to discuss
      things in Dutch.

      I know that there's Hybrid fans all over the world, it's really great to see
      people from many different countries come together to talk about a band they
      really like - that's one of the great things about this discussion list -
      lots of different points of view from lots of different places :-)

      When the new monthly newsletter comes out, I'll be seeking translators for
      different languages, so as many people as poss don't miss out. If anyone
      would be so kind as to offer their services, please e-mail me privately.

      Damn, if only those universal translators on Star Trek were real.


      > Boo for horrible ideas :)
      > I say we all make our own Hybrid lists now based on area. I will make
      HybridUK_NewYork and if that gets too crowded I will whittle
      > it down to HybridUK_NewYork_LongIsland for the 1 or two of us! :P
      > Seriously though, what is the point of doing this, besides just doubling
      up on messages for yourself?
      > --Rukes
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