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7052Re: Hybrid Artwork

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  • Drew Ressler
    Mar 8 3:44 PM
      Just for the non UK'ers like me who never saw the PlayStation ad being talked about, you can view it here:


      It's 531.

      Yes, it even explains the girls face, and has the image of her before and after distortion

      (Along with all of Chris Cunningham's other great videos!)


      > The girl on the Playstation ad had a face distorted. At the time the
      > adverts started running, the company in charge of PR put out a couple of
      > well-timed press releases implying that the girl in the adverts really
      > was shaped like that, which got the ads some press attention (for
      > 'exploiting freaks', that kind of thing) from gullible press. However
      > later on (can't remember exactly when) there were some pictures released
      > showing an image of her before and after the clever distortion. (Unless
      > the face was genuine and the pre-distortion pictures were the rouse...
      > strange how over-clever some of these companies try to be...).
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