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  • Stuart Bruce
    Mar 8, 2002
      > On the subject of artwork, I'm afriad I'll have to go for the
      > distorted face! I mean, I'm not freak (some say otherwise granted...
      > sigh)... but there's nowt freakish about the face at all! In my
      > opinion, the face is even kinda cute!!! (sh ock horror!) But, does
      > anyone know that this is actually distorted? I mean, who rememb ers
      > the Playstation ads a few years back with the girl... is it the same
      > person? As fa r as I know, the girl in the playstation ad was
      > genuine... so not distorted...!

      The girl on the Playstation ad had a face distorted. At the time the
      adverts started running, the company in charge of PR put out a couple of
      well-timed press releases implying that the girl in the adverts really
      was shaped like that, which got the ads some press attention (for
      'exploiting freaks', that kind of thing) from gullible press. However
      later on (can't remember exactly when) there were some pictures released
      showing an image of her before and after the clever distortion. (Unless
      the face was genuine and the pre-distortion pictures were the rouse...
      strange how over-clever some of these companies try to be...).

      I reckon that the "Wide Angle" cover isn't actually simply using a wide
      angle lens, but a graphics package to produce a vaguely similar effect
      but with different stretches and a different feel.

      For me, neither cover is perfect. The original cover would look better
      if there were no people in it, they get in the way of the great
      furniture (sorry!) and I too was reminded of the Eels cover when I saw
      the second version. I don't think either cover actually fits the album.


      Stuart Bruce
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