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70Re: BT's New Album

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  • Stuart Bruce
    Oct 27, 1999
      On Wed 27 Oct, Vince H. wrote:
      > From: "Vince H." <vinnie97@...>
      > > "Movement In Still Life". Been about a week or two; yellow cover
      > > with a bizarre baby silhouette.

      The Hybrid collaboration track is growing on me as well. It's got vocals
      from Kirsty Hawkshaw, and without meaning to sound blasphemous, the
      vocals there sound a bit more well-rounded and deep than Julie's on
      "Wide Angle". My only real criticism about "Running Up The Way Down" is
      that it doesn't have a real "hook"- it promises to build to a large
      anthemic chorus ("If I Survive"-esque) and never quite makes it. Still
      very slick, though- and it sounds more like a Hybrid track than a BT
      track (mostly thanks to the drum programming and incredible sub-bass
      things going on).

      > > After one listen I'm incredibly impressed with the album. However on
      > > the same day I also bought albums by One Dove, Bjork, Bizarre Inc.,
      > > Faithless and TVB, so I'm trying to give them all fair share in my
      > > player (hey, my student loan came through, what can I say?). Beer
      > > anyone?
      > One Dove and Bizarre Inc, eh? Those have to be older albums...

      Yep, they're both long gone I presume.

      > I recently got a Bizarre Inc album w/ all their early hits "Gonna' Get
      > You," and "Playing W/ Knives." Is that the album you have?

      Nope, I picked up their second (I think) album "Surprise" because it was
      particularly cheap. I'd already got a few of the singles off it, they're
      competent and very listenable if nothing too special. Worth two quid...

      > Dot Allison from One Dove recently released her solo album.

      I knew about this, and on the strength of the One Dove album, I'll be
      picking up that Dot Allison album very soon. And then taking it to the
      counter and buying it. And then listening to it a lot, I imagine.

      > The snippets I've heard sound good. I'm guessing you picked up the
      > One Dove album w/ "White Love." I don't have that one yet. How is
      > it?

      Yep, that's the one (called "Morning Dove White"). It's a great album;
      not very Hybrid-esque (that's my attempt to keep this message
      on-topic...), but a very very slick and relaxing album, smooth
      entrancing pop, that kind of thing. Most of the tracks are seven minutes
      plus, but none of them get boring- that's something they have in common
      with Hybrid, at least...

      > hehe, don't go off on any spending sprees now. ;)

      Erm... bit late for that now, I'm afraid. :-)


      Stuart Bruce
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