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6986Re: [Hybrid] Re: Hybrid Artwork

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  • Phil Stewart
    Mar 2, 2002
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: <ally@...>
      > > i think we should do another poll on this subject, Distored face or
      > > orginal artwork... Whadda ya say Ally =0
      > Urgh...original artwork def. - I'm really not keen on the distorted
      > face. It does get the album noticed though...

      I've been missing out on this convo a bit, not having the original album (I
      have Wider Angle, Wider Angle Vinyl, and Wide Angle US Promo, all the face),
      but then I remembered I've got the poster (I'm guessing it's a dodgy
      flavoured sandwich; it's got their attention, but they're in two minds about
      whether to go for it :-)

      As for the distorted face, well I have that on a poster too (along with the
      If I Survive poster), and I have the distorted face duplicate in a huage
      poster. I've not got round to putting any of them up (I've previously been
      too busy or lazy to get round to buying picture hooks, now I'm too poor as
      well :-) ... but then I'm not sure I really want to have huge distorted face
      staring at me from across the room :-)

      From Phil
      Desperately trying to work out how not to be a penniless student who can't
      afford vinyl ...
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