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68Re: BT's New Album

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  • Stuart Bruce
    Oct 26, 1999
      On Tue 26 Oct, ally@... wrote:
      > > Meanwhile, went mad and bought the new BT album >today. Only just
      > > pressed 'play' and the Hybrid >collaboration track is track 10 so
      > > I'm not up to that yet, but I'll get there...
      > Ooooohhhhh.....what's it called Stuart?

      "Movement In Still Life". Been about a week or two; yellow cover with a
      bizarre baby silhouette.

      After one listen I'm incredibly impressed with the album. However on the
      same day I also bought albums by One Dove, Bjork, Bizarre Inc.,
      Faithless and TVB, so I'm trying to give them all fair share in my
      player (hey, my student loan came through, what can I say?). Beer


      Stuart Bruce
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