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650Re: [HybridUK] Timo Maas

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  • Ally Shuttleworth
    Sep 22, 2000
      > Just got the new Timo Maas single "Ubik" and it's great. Considering I
      > also loved "Der Schieber", it's about time I asked (in case anyone on
      > this list might have a good idea), how should I go about further
      > investigating Timo Maas music?...

      Well, this coincides really well with where I've just been!

      I've just this minute come back from Space's (Leeds club) 1st birthday
      party, in association with Global Underground...and they had Timo Maas and
      Seb Fontaine playing. I've seen Timo a few times before and am a big
      fan....I also met him in Ibiza - that was really cool, I talked to him for
      ages :o)
      Tonight, he played a brilliant set and I got to have a bit of a chat with
      him (I wonder if he thinks I'm following him now??) - I even told him off
      for teasing us all - playing 10 seconds of 'Doom's Night' then mixing
      another tune in!! We never got to hear the full track, which is very unusual
      for one of his sets.
      He gave me a VIP pass, which let me into the VIP area of the club - where
      the drinks are actually cheaper?! What's with that??

      Anyway, I digress! He's an incredibly nice guy (very down-to-earth) and has
      bucket loads of talent.
      If you ever get the chance to see him play live, jump at it!! He really gets
      into his music, his personality really shines through.
      His music is very tech-trancey....can be quite dark.....very fluidic.
      He's a very talented producer too, as I'm sure you're aware (Doom's Night
      remix, Ubik and many many more). He remixes a lot of tunes (did something
      like a 100+ so far this year).

      He's the next "Superstar DJ" and all the mags say he's going to be
      huge....he's already getting his name about a lot.

      His debut album, 'Music for the Maases', is out on Monday (25th Sept) in the
      UK. Not sure of the tracking listing though.

      So......the end my gushing about Timo (can't help it, still buzzing after
      his set), go join the Timo Maas e-mail list at egroups.com!


      [p.s. Stuart - seen the (quite substantial) Utah Saints article in the new
      issue of Mixmag?]
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