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6008Re: [Hybrid] BT thievery

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  • hybridfanuk
    Jan 4, 2002
      Oh c'mon...left your sense of humour in bed today?

      I love BT's music, he's a highly talented man and it's a great shame
      that his music has been stolen - I really hope they catch the idiot
      (s) that did it.

      Does that mean I can't comment that he looks nice with longer hair?

      Oh well...that'll teach me to go off topic, eh? Sorry :o(

      Erm.....Hybrid rock. There, back on topic and I've slapped myself on
      the wrists.


      > real funny
      > why do you think there isn't a pic section on my site.
      > MUSIC
      > BT is NOT a photographic model.
      > are you all 13? I am completely insulted.
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