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6Re: Need an introduction to Hybrid

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  • Stuart Bruce
    Sep 21, 1999
      On Tue 21 Sep, ally@... wrote:
      > > OK, that's too twisted a coincidence. I'm in York >myself. Heworth
      > > area, where're you?!
      > hehe - I was doing my driving test there yesterday! I live in Upper
      > Poppleton (near Acomb).

      Small world, really. Maybe we should meet up sometime, argue about music

      It would be good going considering I set up the Utah Saints mailing list
      nine months ago now, and so far no-one on it has met anyone else- mind
      you a large number of them are in America, but there you go.

      > > I remember noting it 'cos I saw the �limited� 6 x 12� version as
      > > well, which I thought was a novel idea although probably �for fans
      > > only�
      > Really? Where did you see it?

      The HMV in the centre of York. Near the back, at the front of the
      "dance" section, on the display rack next to a variety of other 12"
      singles etc. The Hybrid one originally caught my eye because of the
      price (15.99-ish) which stood out from the 3.99-etc. that's being asked
      from the other records on the rack.

      > The Misik Tour looks very good - I'll get my tickets booked!
      > Btw, Sky TV seem to be using Hybrid's music a bit recently - I saw an
      > ad for 'Gattica' last night and they had 'Finished Symphony' playing
      > over the top.

      I only get Sky One, but I'll look out for that one.

      > It's good that they're getting some recognition at last!

      On that note, is there anybody else on this list? I've been lurking for
      a short time without saying anything, has anyone else been doing the


      Stuart Bruce
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