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5981Re: [Hybrid] Don't you love those great surpise CD days?

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  • Phil Stewart
    Jan 1, 2002
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      From: "rukes" <rukes@...>
      > How about the times when you don't have enough money to get
      > everything? Anyone else just hide the CD somewhere hoping no one
      > will find it? :)

      I *never* have enough money to get everything ... I'm probably spoilt with
      the quantity of record shops available to me tho. As for hiding stuff to
      find next time, have already done it for me - I was doing some christmas
      shopping, and went over to the rock / pop / metal vinyl section to find
      something for my brother, and stumbled across Sarah Mclachlan - Remixed,
      which somewhat confused me - hopefully it'll confuse everyone else too and
      stay there until next time I pass by ... :-)

      From Phil
      Sometimes living in London can be a torture ...

      PS - Happy New Year all :-)