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5975Xmas Fun

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  • jfransella
    Dec 31, 2001
      Hi y'all,

      Apologies if the list has been running slow. I've been in Texas
      visiting my relatives since last weekend, and haven't had a chance to
      get online. Just had to catch up with about 200 emails. Hope
      everyone is having a good xmas/new year. Hope BT gets his stuff
      back. Hope people learn to get a long with eachother one day ;P

      Anyway, I'll be back home in the next couple of days.

      Happy New Years 2002

      Jason Fransella

      [[[ Ally says: Yep, a sorry from me too. I was in Scotland between Xmas and New Year and then ntl decided to go tits-up, meaning I've got no net connection at home. Luckily (!) now, I'm back at work....errrr... :o( ]]]