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5606Re: Those damn trainers!

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  • ally@hybrid-group.co.uk
    Nov 29, 2001
      I'm not one to start an argument, but I beg to differ.

      I believe the subject of that particular thread was:

      "Hybrid aiming at shoe-only, VIP punters?"


      > I was surprised and pleased to see you address the issue of their
      > recent live gigs. One correction though: The statement 'some fans
      > going OTT and saying that you are turning your back on "the trainer
      > wearing public"' wasn't made by anyone that I'm aware of. I know I
      > raised the whole debate and posed the idea as a question, but the
      > accusation was never made. If anything the question was asked to
      > attention but, as stated in my emails, the blame was never put
      > on Hybrid.
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