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541Re: [HybridUK] Digest Number 173

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  • Vince H.
    Jul 31, 2000
      I'm one of them ;)  A Dallas, TX appearance would be prime.
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      From: Crocuta
      Sent: Monday, July 31, 2000 3:15 AM
      Subject: Re: [HybridUK] Digest Number 173

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      >    Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 13:31:33 CDT
      >    From: "chris a." <dijjit@...>
      > Subject: right angle
      > ok you guys.. i dont know if anybody remembers a post that i wrote a few
      > weeks ago about hybrid coming to new orleans on august 26.. well, i
      > re-checked the website today and now it seems as if they have mysteriously
      > disappeared from the lineup which leaves me angry and a bit suicidal.. i
      > just hope that the moby/hybrid shindig will go down somewhere in the
      > midsouth very soon because i havent been to a party in a long time and the
      > only way im gonna start again is if i do it right, with the sounds of hybrid
      > comin at me.. arrgghgh!

      I surely hope Hybrid comes to the south too.. NewO. would be too fab...
      I'd be happy with anywhere that is an 8 hour drive or less.. Huston, New
      O., Memphis, Nashville,OKcity,Dallas.... I hope they will get to ONE of
      Heck I'd even drive to St. Louis.

      anyway.. that's my rant..
      have a good day all and be safe!

      PS: seems like there's a lot of Hyrbid fans in the US south... ??
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