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  • jason.parker1@jcu.edu.au
    Nov 7, 2001
      Does anyone have the tracklistings for Hybrid's Innercity (11-12-99) and MOS
      Renaissance (11/6/01) sets?

      Also I was wondering if anyone was able to confirm these tracks as either
      hybrid or someone else...

      Hybrid - Firefly (Sounds hybridish, all evidence I've seen suggests its a pre-
      wide angle original)

      Sonique - DJ Ernest's UltiBootleg Hybrid (despite being breakbeat I assume this
      is NOT hybrid)

      Hybrid - Who is in the Houze (sounds crap so i'm hoping it's not hybrid)

      Hybrid - Nu-breed (Sounds like an amalgamation of several wide-angle songs,
      theme from wideangle etc.)

      RootJoose - Mr Fixit (hybrid mix) (If I had to bet on it i would say its an
      hybrid remix of a 80's metal/rock band)

      Kate Bush - Experiment IV (hybrid mix) (sounds like hybrid to me)

      Kick Your Butt - Hybrid Remix

      Psychedelic Shack - Hybrid remix (hybrid? god I hope not)

      Tank - I hear those drums (hybrid remix)

      Anyone know of any other RARE ones? not ones that everyone has listed on their

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