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5253Re: [Hybrid] Dress policies at Clubs (was: re: They don't know)

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  • ally@hybrid-group.co.uk
    Nov 2, 2001
      Oh jesus yeah....that place is a nightmare.
      I've been once, it was ok, as it was the Love Parade after-party and Timo
      Maas and Hybrid (live) were playing. That was an amazing night....not the
      usual Majestyk crowd I suspect ;-)

      Leeds has a Ritzys too...whenever I drive past, I wonder what makes people
      go to those places.
      The city was doing really well for brilliant clubs (Space, Basics, The
      Orbit), but there's been some god-awful ones opening up lately. You wouldn't
      just have to worry about not wearing trainers...you'd need to make sure you
      have either

      Boy - bright green ben sherman shirt (pref. with beer spilled down it)
      Girl - highest heels possible with bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow

      On a more serious note....Space is a real arse clothing-wise...if you're not
      wearing what they like, you don't get in. Stupid rules. Maybe you should get
      a petition going or something to clubs that still enforce the no trainer
      I think it's a stupid rule...I just about get away with wearing trainers
      that don't look like sports trainers.


      > lol... Ritzys!!!! what's the one in leeds called Ally... Majestyk isn't
      > i can't get my head around wearing shoes to a club... whenever i go back
      > to leeds it catches me out!!