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482RE: new Y3K album!

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  • aras
    Jul 18, 2000
      Reply to: RE: new Y3K album!

      Vince H wrote:
      >haha, thanx 4 the response, Aras, but be careful as there are a few PVD
      >fans on this forum.

      Yeah they're a dangerous lightstick-wielding lot!! ;) No seriously, I
      didn't mean to offend anyone, but let's not be afraid to express our opinions
      about music, even if (especially if?) others don't agree with them.

      >Do you have any more Y3K, Part 2 samples to encode/upload, by
      >any chance? :) Particularly, the new WOW tune and the Hybrid Rmx of the
      >"Bombscare" track? I'm probably asking for too much, but it doesn't
      hurt to give
      >it a shot!

      Not at all, but please be patient as I'm working on a full Y3K feature. I
      was actually a bit disappointed by the 2 Bad Mice remix, it's a bit too
      trancey for my taste. Maybe it will grow on me.

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