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4727Jerry Bonham (was: re: FAO stephanie (??) spundae)

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  • Davin Greenwell
    Oct 1 12:25 PM
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      > if i remember rightly stephanie (i think that's right) is on this group. I'm
      > heading to Bedrock on Thurs for the birthday... but these guys are playing
      > and i was wondering what to expect.
      > Jerry Bonham, Troy Roberts

      Jerry Bonham is one of my favorite DJ's ever. His interpretations CD's
      are some of the best things to have ever come out in the progressive mixed
      CD arena. Jerry hails from San Francisco where he's the driving force
      behind the Spundae club.

      Troy rocks as well. He's from Seattle and I've had the pleasure of seeing
      him twice up here in Victoria. Also a progressive DJ.

      Hope this helps!
      (dj) arizona
      davin greenwell
      Extreme 107.3 FM
      rave.victoria.bc.ca staff
      rassFX satellite web demon
      email: wk805@...
      web: http://arizona.rave.victoria.bc.ca
      ICQ: 11230795
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