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4699Re: [Hybrid] Tracks & Adam Freeland on tour...

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  • neil mitchell-goodson
    Sep 30, 2001
      I kinda figured they'd do a good remix of Ian Browns latest,
      "F.E.A.R"...it's already got that orchestral strings thing going, some
      quality beats and breaks would liven it up a bit.

      As for the Adam Freeland album, I'm not entirely sure which 4 tracks are on
      there as yet....I only listened to it once, too busy to listen to it more.
      I'm quite sure one of them was the 'pressure drop' track, and I'm sure the
      Adam freeland & ILS remix of Flukes 'Absurd' wasn't on there either. The
      real CD has crowd noises aded to it even though it's not a live recording
      (apparently adds 'atmosphere'), but the vinyl is unmixed.