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450My take on the 3 Wide Angles...

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  • Eric Klis
    Jun 23, 2000
      I know nobody asked for this, but after listening to all 3 of my Wide
      Angles, I thought I should post something...

      For reference, here are the track listings (on both WA2 and WrA, disc
      1 is the standard Wide Angle):

      WA2, disc 2 – (the "Asian Edition", Live@Chemistry Club,
      1 Kill City
      2 Burnin'
      3 Altitude
      4 Theme From Wide Angle
      5 Finished Symphony

      WrA, disc 2 – Live Angle
      1 Kid 2000
      2 Burnin'
      3 Snyper
      4 Accelerator
      5 High Life
      6 Finished Symphony
      7 Kill City (Bonus Track)
      8 Altitude (Bonus Track)
      9 Kid 2000 (12" Original Mix)

      (on WA2, tracks 1 through 5 are continuous. On WrA, tracks 1 through
      6 are continuously mixed, and tracks 7 through 9 are unmixed).

      WA2 is fun to listen to, but it really doesn't hold a candle to
      WA2 sounds like Hybrid is playing songs off the album. Not a whole
      lot of improvisation or "fun stuff" going on.

      WrA, on the other hand, is really quite impressive. Tracks 1 through
      6 all are re-interpretations of the original tracks…they would
      probably be considered dubs. Little twisted beaten-up snippets of
      vocals on Kid 2000, Burnin', and High Life, but other than that
      all Hybrid sonics and weirdness. If you liked Snyper on the original
      (as I did), the Snyper on WrA is much more twisted, funky, and
      delicious…High Life is also an unexpected treat. The crowd noise
      a tad obtrusive on a couple of the tracks, and there's even some
      feedback on a couple of the tracks…but it all goes into making it
      sound "live"…and it sounds like everybody in the crowd is
      themselves, and more importantly, Hybrid is having fun playing. It
      makes WA2 sound very stiff and stodgy. It should also be noted that
      the audio quality on WrA is very good.

      So, if you have WA1 and want to know what to do, I'd say skip
      buy WrA, and give WA1 to somebody you love. If you're a die-hard
      Hybrid fan, then you should buy WA2 and WrA, give WA1 to somebody you
      love, and turn disc 1 of WA2 into an attractive drink coaster.

      Thanks, Hybrid, for putting out quality stuff. :)

      - Eric