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4409Re: March Releases - Starecase

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  • maksidrom@yahoo.com
    Aug 31, 2001
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      I like Starecase, but Hope have been promising the full length since
      last year... it was supposed to be this August according to the
      website just a couple of months ago and now March 2002? If they keep
      the same tracks it may lose its flavour by the time it comes out. I
      mean... First Floor Deadlock? Lost 22? The Other Side Of The Line? By
      the time it comes out it may be a case of "momentus has passus".
      Don't get me wrong - I love Starecase, but I don't understand when
      indie dance labels sit on stuff waiting till it picks up the hype.
      The one year delay definitely didn't do WOW any good...

      And bring on the James Holden full length already! I am tired of
      burning my own cdr's until the proper album comes out...


      --- In HybridUK@y..., Arfie Mansfield <arfie@u...> wrote:
      > >And we'll have a 3 way dance between BT, Hybrid and Starecase.
      > >Why do they all insist on releasing albums at the same time?
      > Ooh, a Starecase album at long last? Nice.
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