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  • Gen Kanai
    Jun 9, 2000

      Anyone who's going to 6th element- do you want to meet up before the Hybrid
      show somewhere?

      Contact me for my cellphone,

      Hope to meet some of you!


      >From: Gen Kanai <gkanai@...>
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      >Subject: hybrid info
      >Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 10:43:56 -0400
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      >Mike Truman, Chris Healings, and Lee Mullins are Hybrid, a Swansea-based
      >dance collective with designs on the future of music. The trio met in 1992
      >while clubbing in Swansea where they bonded over Truman's remix of Pink
      >Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". They've been doing DJ sets and mixing
      >their own music ever since.
      >With so much club music wholly predictable, Hybrid wants to make dance music
      >that will last. Their tracks are surprising, spark the imagination, and
      >enrich the listeners palate, rather than supply the same old product. Their
      >debut album, Wide Angle - which was over a year in the making - was born of
      >Hybrid's frustration with the narrow horizons of British dance music. Wide
      >Angle attempts to make dance music more melodic, imaginative, bigger and
      >deeper than it has ever been before.
      >To this end they recruited singer songwriter Julle Cruise, known for her
      >work with David Lynch's Twin Peaks theme, and Sacha Puttnam, a composer and
      >musicologist who trained at the Moscow Conservatory. Puttnam brought with
      >him a strong element of orchestral discipline to Hybrid's electronic
      >experimentalism. Suddenly, they had wonderful harmonies mixed from academic
      >musical rigor and dance floor beats.
      >Hybrid's multi-album deal with Distinctive Records has allowed them the
      >security to formulate long term plans. They are developing their live act
      >and have exploded on the stage everywhere from Miami to Liverpool. With
      >their next album in the works, and with influences as diverse as John Barry,
      >Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, and Claude Debussy, there's plenty of scope
      >for the wildest experimentation.
      >Always the innovators, they're making noises about an unplugged breakbeat
      >album, and suite of music in which the melodic instruments play the beat,
      >and the percussion instruments play the melody.