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  • ally@hybrid-group.co.uk
    Aug 6, 2001
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      I've updated a few sections of the www.hybrid-group.co.uk site:

      Look -- The new Hybrid logo is now on the site

      Links -- I've added a few, but lost a few too...as I accidentally reverted
      to an old version of the page and lost the latest one (doh!). So if you had
      a link to your site on there, please mail me and I'll re-add it.

      Articles -- Same as above, I lost LOADS. I wasn't amused - I've re-added
      some, but there's a lot more to put back.

      Members -- There's some new faces on there :)

      New Section: Discography -- When we were talking about the number of remixes
      that Hybrid have done (over 90), Jon Abbott kindly sent a big list of them.
      It's taken me a while to get around to putting it on the site so everyone
      (incl. non-members) could view it and use it as a reference guide. There's
      also original productions on there.
      I felt the site needed this section....Devon's remixology still remains the
      best! :)
      There's quite a few original productions that I'm missing (e.g. Hybrid
      remixes of their own tunes) - I listed the ones off the top of my head, and
      hoped you guys could help me with the rest! Mail me (privately) with any
      additions / corrections.

      There's going to be a few more sections added to the site - it's a long way
      from where I want it, but it's getting better :)

      Thanks everyone - hope you're all well...

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